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The Copyright Law states that any image produced is automatically copyrighted to the originator regardless of the media format, photograph, song, book, negative etc... Therefore you may NOT copy a photograph without permission from the photographer.

The Copyright Owner has complete and total control as to what may be done with the image. Therefore, if you wish to sell ,or even give, a photo to someone, permission must be requested from the originator.

Writers, artists, photographers, etc.. are entitled to protection under the current copywrite laws. Any article or image that is published on the Web is inherently protected under these laws. Therefore, if a photo is copyrighted, it is illegal to reproduce the image in any form without permission from the creator. This includes copy machines, computer scanners, T-Shirts, Calendars, reprints, using it on your web page, magazine, newspapers, postcards, or any form of print, audio, visual, or cyber media.

It is unlawful to reproduce images in any form, by any means, without permission of the copyright owner. As the photographer I am the owner of the copyright. What this means is that if you want to use my photos for any purpose, you must first receive permission from me. If you wish to use one of my photos, please contact me at

I own the copyright on all of the photographs within Futura12. You're welcome to copy any of these photos for non-commercial use only with my permission. If you would like to obtain a digital copy of my photographs for commercial use or for non-commercial use, please contact me. To request permission for commercial use of my photos, please contact me via e-mail or snail mail:

Carlos Salazar
814 Olga Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119

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