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256x256 pixels - You find resolution like this on cheap cameras. This resolution is low and therefore gives a low quality image. The resolution requires 65,000 total pixels.

640x480 pixels - This is the low-end resolution for point and shoot digital cameras. The resolution is good for creating web images. These images require 307,000 total pixels for displaying descent resolution.
1024x768 - If you are planning to print your images on a post card, or create a framed 5X7 print, "mega-pixel" level resolution is required. A total of 1,109,000 total pixels are needed for a good image.
1600x1200 pixels - If you are putting together a portfolio of 8x10 shots, having a camera with 2 million pixel resolution is advisable. For any images bigger than 8x10, 3 million pixels or more is needed.

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Print Size Minimum Resolution Needed Mega-pixels
4X6 640X480 <1
5X7 1024X768 1
8x10 1600X1200 2
11X14 or above 2048X1536 or more 3+